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The Regency Town House

The exhibition with ‘HOUSE’
Jane and Irene created a site specific work, ‘Mutter Matter’ in the old kitchens of The Regency Town House in Brighton for this exhibition in 2011.
Artworks photographs here

The HOUSE 2011 exhibition was conceived to introduce a curated, contemporary and dynamic visual arts strand to complement the annual Brighton Festival. It is the partner festival to the Artists Open Houses and provides a unique showcase for the work of critically engaged artists and curators.


Photo by Lisa Bamford

‘Upon entering the kitchen the visual senses are stimulated by a spectacularly large kitchen table covered in white sculpted mountains of flour with glass milk bottles, glass trays and teacups carefully balanced on a base of flour.
These elongated and thin structures remind the audience of delicate stalagmites. The delicacy of the materials used, glass and chinaware, combined with how the objects are balanced on top of each other create a sense of tension. This sense of tension and balance enhance bodily awareness where body motion turns into an extraordinary experience like that of an acrobat walking on a tight rope…
The stillness of this majestic landscape is another aspect of the artwork which awakens the senses of hearing, vision and touch.’
Rachel Scicluna May 2011

‘Marvellous twinning of space and artwork. By far the best thing I’ve seen in the Festival this year. Thank you!’

‘Fantastic, innovative, evocative. Perfect setting. The talk really brought the installation to life. I LOVED it!’

‘Witty and clever, a beautiful concoction’

‘The Mutter Matter poem made me laugh out loud’

‘Incredibly moving –I can smell the tinned salmon and beetroot from Sunday tea!’

‘I’m quite knocked out by the installation. Its very reassuring to see work made in collaboration that has such integrity’

‘The story of the journey to creating the table was fascinating. I like the elements of history and memorabilia mixed with a modern edge’

‘Real, honest, and beautiful work. Wonderful opportunity to listen to the artists whilst spending time absorbing and looking at the work’

‘This is one of the most original artworks I have seen in years. Beautiful and evocative.’


“A starting point for HOUSE was the lack of a major, dedicated, contemporary art space in Brighton, and the consequent limited opportunities its citzens, students and visitors had to view internationally regarded artists. ” Judy Stevens, HOUSE Director

The theme for HOUSE commissions each year is Art & Domestic Space with satellite works responding to this theme as well as to the Lead Artist’s commissioned work.

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